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This site is the result of a passion: the passion for History and Travel. And is dedicated to the greatest passions of my life: my wife and my daughter.

Everything began in my childhood, when I was simply devouring tons of History books. In my eyes, they were continuing somehow the fairy tales that were my first readings. And this feeling, I think, was mainly the result of my readings on "Chivalry". The Medieval Knights I was reading about were so "perfect" in their chivalric behavior that, in deed they resembled the fairy tales characters. Medieval Chivalry was not perfect, but some of its values, like Honor, Loyalty, Defending the weak, are priceless. And it is my firm belief that they must and will live for ever.

Then came the desire to really see "all those places" which were already so familiar to me without ever seeing them! I never neglected the "modern" aspect of the places I've visited, but always "my tours" were (and will be) determined by History.  When choosing the itinerary, I always do it in a bit of a "guerilla style", trying to add as many less known places as possible.  I never book an "organized" tour.   I was lucky to have a wife who understands and actually enjoyed all my "Travel projects"!

But, you know what? They are so rewarding! Just imagine being in Paris in a quiet afternoon, sipping your glass of red wine, and reviewing the places you have just visited. Thinking of your Heroes, and being "there", where they were!

I would like to thank my wife for her support in writing this site.  Soon, our editorial board will be extended, as my daughter expressed her intention to join.  She is only two now, but she is learning fast!

We enjoy what we do and we hope you will enjoy the Site!

Happy Time-Traveling! 

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